Under the banner of MW Films a New Delhi based Media World Films film Production Company has launched its debut Hindi cinema “Hair is falling” – A Serious Comedy Film. Media World started its production house company in 2003 comprising of advertising professionals in order to channelize their creative talent towards the creation of high value audio visual promotional tools with low over heads.
“Music of the film will be releasing under the banner of uTunes Entertainment. There are 6 songs in the film. Every song has its own flavor and made to appeal today’s youth generation. Song Buddhe is sung by Shaan. This is an exclusive song for the movie which Shaan has performed exceptionally well. This number brings about the irony of life to the forefront for the normal audiences. 
Song Dilli Ke Deewane is yet another rocking number. This song brings back the memory of Punjabi Bagh, Chandni Chowk, Paranthe waali Gali and much more. This is a hip-hop / Rap song sung by various artists.
There are two Remixes in this album. Song Buddhe is remixed by DJ NYK & Dilli Ke Deewane is remixed by DJ G – Kilogram – beats that won’t let your senses rest.”
There have been numerous banners and their movies which all the time proclaims that their films are all about new concepts and new ideas. However these proclamations have always been not that outstanding.
Nevertheless, MW Films with its first of its kind movie “Hair is falling” promises to deliver a unique conceptual story of a middle class man and its problems relating to hair fall. The movie in its own way tries to bring about the fact of hair fall in a witty manner of story -telling. Here the main protagonist deals with love, friends, girlfriends, college life etc. along with the genuine and main problem of hair fall in his early days of life. The story is all about coping up with life where a young man faces humiliation due to hair fall.
The use of vibrating, contrasting colors and profound yet simple storytelling are pervasive in Hair is Falling. Also as the title suggests, the story bring about a serious and common issue of a man’s life in an amusing and entertaining way. The film will surely keep the audiences engaged as it deals with a common man’s problem of hair fall. Hair is falling is a romantic quirky love story. The movie also reflects the contradictions, insecurities, and loneliness of today’s society. With its witty dialogues and the star cast, the film is surely going to be a must watch film.
Production House : 
Media World Films
Concept, Screenplay & Direction : 
Vicky Bhardwaj
Produced by : 
Urmila Sharma & Gudduji
Music by : 
Arpan & Sumit, Kamran Ahmed
Story by : 
Harvinder Mankkar
Editing & Visual Effects : 
Singers  :
Shaan, Kamran Ahmed, Rishi, Vidhi Sharma, Gaurav Kochhar & Kalyani Shankarwar
Rajesh Bhardwaj | Sanjana | Priyanka | Manoj Pawa | Bharti | Mahendar

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