Poonam Jhawer, the second Bollywood actress / Indian model with the news about Playboy nude pics / photos centrespread has posted an article on her website that appeared in Yuva newspaper. Here’s the text of the same.

—article in Yuva—

‘I can’t go nude’

Earlier, Mallika Sherawat was allegedly asked to pose for the magazine Playboy. Now, actor Poonam Jhawar who was reportedly going to pose for Playboy centrespread, the magazine known to fascinate men all over the globe, claims that she has declined to do the photo shoot.
“I have rejected the Playboy offer because it was a nude shoot,” she says. But she has always been considered as a hot and spicy item girl. Moreover, this photo shoot could have taken her career to new heights. “I am not comfortable with it. Agents from Playboy had come to India and when they saw my photos, they thought that they should sign a photo shoot with me. I met them and the moment they said it is a nude shoot, I declined from doing it.”

Money? Who cares!

However, she says she simply doesn’t care about money. “I really don’t care about how much they were ready to pay me for that. If I am not comfortable with something, then I don’t even bother to ask about the amount,” she says.
—end of article–

Further in the article, she writes about poor portrayal of item girls, specially by a famous politician in some reality show.



The ravishing Poonam Jhawer is all set to come out with a new album very soon which she promised to be fully packed with action. “I am going to be the Indian Elektra in it” says Poonam. But why Elektra when you already have such a hot image in the music industry. “I always wanted to do something new and with this album I am exploring something different that’s yet untapped.” she replies.

The sensuous beauty has worked hard on getting a new look for the album video that’s attracting her lot of attention from various quarters. To which a blushing Poo says, “I love my body and I have worked hard to give a new shape to it but yes I don’t want a SIZE ZERO.” Yes indeed you are looking much hotter now Poo.

She admits to getting a lot of offers from foreign magazines like “PLAY BOY” and many more other MAG. for photo shoots. apart from offers from Bollywood filmmakers and even filmmakers from down South! Also, Poonam has totally revamped her personal website and got it modeled on the lines of Hollywood singing stars. The multi talented actress cum singer cum producer believes in change that comes along bringing something refreshingly new.

You can read more about her at her official website http://www.poonamjhawer.com